With the help of Autocam, your team can close more sales than ever. Whether responding to an initial query, during the sales process, or whilst capturing that special handover moment, the options for personalised videos are endless!

First impressions are everything

One of the main responsibilities of your sales team is to represent your brand and secure trust among new and existing customers.

Take Your Customer Experience To New Heights…

Sync with Autotrader™ and create and upload new car listings & adverts in minutes, NOT hours.

The way people buy is changing. Live Video helps you sell when a physical appointment isn’t possible…

No time for personalised video? Create one now and personalise it later with Autocam Stock.

Our powerful trade-in tool helps you reduce lost profit on purchases and create a seamless experience for customers.

View and send videos, manage users, and monitor performance from your portal.

Add emotion and excitement to your video by merging the music from our epidemic sound library without any need for licensing fees.

Results-Based Guarantee - Autocam Is 100% risk free.

We’re so confident in what Autocam can offer, that if within 30 days of using the app, you don’t genuinely believe or feel that it’s going to help increase your sales, save you time and build better relationships with clients, we’ll refund you EVERY penny you paid!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Autocam provides your sales team with the opportunity to make a memorable first impression, establish rapport, build momentum, and convert leads into customers.

Benefits of Autocam Sales

Unparalleled customer satisfaction

Video is unique in its ability to create a ‘WOW!’ factor and inspire customers to make a purchasing decision.

Boost your sales margins

Selling is also about delivering value, with video remaining unparalleled in communicating a strong proposition to customers.

Convert interest into sales (fast)

Customers are 92% more likely to buy upon watching a product video. Expect conversion to rise by 24% with Autocam!

Unprecedented profit levels

When you’re ahead of the game, experiencing more customers and a better reputation than ever, profit is sure to follow.

Serving the automotive industry

Autocam works with sales operations teams of all sizes across the entire automotive industry. Whether your inventory consists of affordable, commercial, classic, or exotic vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect time to send a video

Although an informative phone call or email response is necessary for most situations, video is a fantastic way to complement communication between garages and customers.

Often, sales teams use our Autocam video technology to follow up on leads, thank customers for making a purchase, and provide vehicle updates. Here are 3 ways you can begin using Autocam to amplify your sales process today:


New Lead

Why not send a video to introduce yourself and your business to create a great first impression? You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd and edge closer to securing an appointment (and perhaps a sale!). To maximise your chances of success, make sure to respond to every lead with a video.



If you have something new in your showroom and want to tell your customers all about it, video is a super way to do so. It also provides the opportunity to re-introduce yourself, instil emotion, and help customers visualise your proposition. Follow the video up with a phone call – a 5-star plan!



Customers are happiest when receiving their car, making it an ideal time to capture that special moment on video. By recording the handover and encouraging customers to share it on social media, you will be leaving lasting memories and driving future renewals and referrals.

Transform your sales with video today!

Is your automotive business ready to benefit from higher sales and stronger profit margins than ever?

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With Autocam, you can be more productive than ever

The best part is that we don’t charge a penny until our services are really proving themselves in your business – so there’s no risk at all on this (unless something goes wrong). So, what do You need to know before signing up? Book a demo today!