Did you know?

Garages that make the switch to video typically enjoy a 36% increase in customer conversion.

How does it work?

At Autocam, we operate on the belief that showing is more effective than telling.


A survey by Which recently found that over 50% of all customers don’t trust their garages. The opportunity for garages who adopt more transparent processes is staggering!

Whilst most people are visual learners, the majority of garages fail to engage with customers this way. This is usually because it can be time-consuming and complicated to do so…

That’s why we created Autocam Service, so you can effortlessly share and explain the condition of a customer’s vehicle through video to build trust and increase conversions – here’s how:


Customer hands over the vehicle

The garage receives the customer’s vehicle as to the first step, ready to start working on it.


Garage technician records a video

Autocam is used to record a video of the vehicle, outlining its condition and any issues.


Work and costs are assessed

Once the vehicle has been surveyed, it’s time to calculate the cost of the repairs required.


Video is sent to the customer

The customer receives the video with an explanation, description of the work, and total cost.


Customer views the video

The customer watches the video to better understand the condition of their vehicle.


Customer accepts the work

With a firm understanding of the garage’s explanation, the customer can now approve the work.

Struggling with work conversions? We’ve got you covered…


Receiving authorisation to conduct extra work on a customer’s vehicle can be difficult – especially when you don’t have any visual aids to help justify the need for it.


In fact, our research has discovered that 80% of customers either have low trust levels or don’t understand these conversations due to lacking industry knowledge.


With Autocam’s video and instant authorisation features, customers can see exactly what needs doing and authorise it through the app. If they’ve got any questions, you can speak to them via live chat meaning you may even be able to start the additional work without having a follow-up phone call!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Results-Based Guarantee - Autocam Is 100% risk free.

We’re so confident in what Autocam can offer, that if within 30 days of using the app, you don’t genuinely believe or feel that it’s going to help increase your sales, save you time and build better relationships with clients, we’ll refund you EVERY penny you paid!

Also Includes

Chat with your customers directly to address any concerns and arrange collection quickly and effortlessly.

Customers can easily approve or reject work items on the app leading to a seamless experience and increased conversions.

Chat with your customers directly to address any concerns and arrange collection quickly and effortlessly.

View and send videos, manage users, and monitor performance from your portal.

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